Miz Korona – Dope Muzik (Unmixed)

Oh my GOD! I can’t begin to explain to you how much of a Miz Korona fan-slash-stan I am. I rep hard for good music, and dedicated/hard working artists. Miz Korona is definitely one of those artists.

Insert Dope Muzik here.

Having the idea for this project for about four years, Korona finally got to work on it in 2008:

Dope Muzik was a project of passion. I was inspired to do it after losing two of our most influential artist from the city, Dilla & Proof, and listening to a lot of their music both recent releases and classic unreleased material along with other classic albums based out of the early to mid 90’s. Then I approached The Lab Techs about doing the project with me around 06 but our schedules put a halt to the project. A year later I met Chanes and the idea resurfaced and the rest is history. We started recording it in 2008.

The concept and title came from the mind state that the beats and rhymes from that [early-mid 90’s] era put me in. Everything was dope back then. The style of the rhyme patterns, the beats, the way they shot videos: I just wanted to recapture that in my own way.

Also, drug addiction was at an all time high around that time so I tried to tap into the mind of an addict but from an artist standpoint.

We recorded the album in 7 days. I recorded a song the first day I met Chanes. The second day I went back and we worked for 18 hours straight, knocked out 10 songs all from scratch.

And there you have it. 14 tracks of pure CRACK. Miz Korona’s first official studio album is coming soon!

01) Miz Korona – Intro (Take It Back)
02) Miz Korona – Hip Hop Is In My Veins feat. Twan
03) Miz Korona – Dope
04) Miz Korona – The Itch
05) Miz Korona – Pete Rock
06) Miz Korona – Hold On
07) Miz Korona – Withdrawl (Dilla-Lude)
08) Miz Korona – Shoot You Down
09) Miz Korona – Trouble Heartache
10) Miz Korona – I Am feat. Quest Mcody & Marvwon
11) Miz Korona – Clap Ta Dis
12) Miz Korona – This Or That feat. Real Reid
13) Miz Korona – Let’s Walk
14) Miz Korona – Outro

Download: Miz Korona – Dope Muzik (Unmixed)