One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 1

Laborhood Part 1

If you’re not up on One Be Lo, then you need to stick yourself. I’ll let ‘Lo tell you about this one:

labor- n.
1-work, expecially hard physical work.
– such workers considered as a social class or political force.
2. the process of childbirth

A condition or state of being the thing or being in the role denoted by the word it is suffixed to, usually a noun.

child – childhood

A group sharing a specified condition or state.

brother – brotherhood
neighbor – neighborhood

The Laborhood mixtape series is a collection of songs that I’ve has made guest appearances on, aside from solo material. Part One features 14 tracks, Mixed by D Will. This rare collection spans over the last decade, highlighting various artists throughout the Laborhood.

Welcome to the Laborhood Part One.

Ro Spit, T. Calmese, Zhao, Deep Rooted, Mr. Brady, The AZtexts, Fat Ray, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marv Won, Jamal Bufford, Fatt Father, Black Milk, Dub Sonata, 14KT, K Kruz, Longshot, Ka Di, Derek Caraway, Decompoze, Futuristic, Moe Dirdee, D Will, & Stik Figa.


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Laborhood Part 1

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